Shipping Policies

All orders are shipped within 1-3 business days. (with the exception of pre-sales and back orders)

You will be sent a notification and a tracking number, if not please let us know. If there are any issues with shipping please contact us. 

Domestic Orders (United States)

All domestic orders are shipped priority mail USPS and will usually arrive within 3-5 business days. Circo Tarot is not responsible for lost or damaged orders.

 International Orders

All international orders are shipped priority mail USPS, first class international. Shipping time is dependent on location. Circo Tarot is not responsible for custom or handling fees upon arrival. We are not responsible for damaged, missing or unclaimed orders. Please use the tracking number provided to keep an eye on arrival.

Return Policy

We cannot offer refunds/exchanges because of unhappiness with the product, production/art/ quality issues, wrong addresses, change of mind and failure to claim an order. Once orders are mailed out, ALL SALES ARE FINAL.  


If there is missing cards, booklets or damage not caused by USPS, please email us so we can find a solution.  Please note that cards sometimes aren’t perfect because they are printed in large quantities.

Decks will sometimes still carry an ink smell, but this will go away very easily either through time/usage or through clearing. The ink scent is from the UV coating placed to protect the cards from wearing/damaging easily.  I have also found that dryer sheets are very good at absorbing the UV scent. 

Decks often work better after they have been cleared, here are some examples of clearing your deck:

 1. Laying them out in the sun (great way to charge them with energy) and airing them out.

2. Clearing them with you choice of incense. I like to use copal.

3. Lightly spraying/misting them with a clearing spray. I like to use violet spray or a homemade spray with crystals. 

4. Laying them in the moonlight. (Is super good especially on a new or full moon)

5. Placing charged crystals over them.