We need to talk about Appropriation in this Community,

I have over the past 6+ months realized even more in my journey. I had found a lot in myself and also the reasoning as to why I took many breaks from the tarot community over the past 2 years. It all made sense and the feelings of being lost in this New Age/Healing Industry. I wanted so bad to fit in and really be part of the community, but like my life, I faced subtle to overt racism, being looked over and seen as a token.I allowed myself to be okay with that and appropriation on the outside while internally cringing cause something always felt off.

I had to really decolonize my work and also vet myself and my practices. I realized that I too had appropriated and didn’t educate myself on the harm that comes with appropriation. I felt sick to my stomach and realized that I had to change my practice and also my views on the community. We all have a lot of work to do when it comes to this appropriation work.

I found what was missing and that was my own reflection, a Xicanx womxn with indigenous roots and also light skin privilege. I had to unpack so many of my old thoughts, ideas planted in me about my identity and also removing the notion that everything is free. 

I began to allow myself to seek education and history on my own magic, my lineage, my family, my ancestors.

The surface traumas, led to familial and ancestor trauma and then looking at my work and the work of others I knew that something  was seriously wrong. I had to been fed an idea that didn’t have the same reflection, the narratives of BIPOC (black, indigenous people of color) were being written by those who weren’t. Like being left out in the present, our histories are left out of the past and therefore we are treated like were only in the past. 

For too long false narratives  have been taken as sacred knowledge from populations affected by racism, poverty, genocide and outright culture theft. I hope that by doing this work and sharing my process that we can change and understand that we don’t need to appropriate in order to heal and further our practices. 

Thank you.

-Marisa de La Peña