About Us

The Company & Artist

Hello my name is Marisa de la Peña, owner and creator of Circo Tarot and Tightrope Press. I am currently located in East Los Angeles, where my cards are created and distributed. With Circo Tarot, I aim to make fun, interesting, deep and meaningful decks to connect with. Tightrope Press is all about unique greeting cards with a kitschy, surreal twist. All of the decks I create, come personalized with either hand-stitched booklets or hand-printed bags. 

I am currently working on two new decks and I am also promoting a book called How To Deal: Tarot for Everyday Life. Written by Sami Main and Illustrated by myself, it debuts May 2018! 

I am also working on expanding my divination knowledge and channeling myself back into a reader. 

Interested in doing collabs, commissons or readings? Hit up my contact page :)